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"Italian soloist Markus Placci proved to be a master of the violin”

"Once more, this evening as well, the best moment was kept for the end. The way the Italian violinist Markus Placci played Brahms’ Violin Concerto was simply master like"

"This very demanding Concerto cannot be played better"

"Placci showed extreme accuracy, not only in the technical aspects, but also in the way he structured the movement, in the dynamic shades, and, above all, in his fabulous, singing-like, romantic tone"

"A passionate ending of the evening that burst into deserved, and particularly long applauses for the soloist”

- Badische Neuste Nachrichten

“Richness of Ideas and a lot of feelings”

“Who said that Brahms Violin Concerto was written “against the violin”? …or that the cantabile aspect and the elasticity of the instrument are not enough emphasized? Whoever heard the Gala Concert for the opening of the Baden-Baden Philarmonie Season, couldn’t but shake their heads at such statements. All the above characteristics are, with soloist Markus Placci, in the best hands"

"Placci brings a sort of Italian brio into the performance of the Concerto, with energy and, at the same time, a lot of heart and soul"

"With a sweet intensity that no one can imitate, Placci differentiates and sings all the lyrical passages"

"Never the scales that bring to the main theme were heard so beautifully played"

"The way Placci expresses the richness of ideas and the emotional tension of this Concerto – Brahms’ struggle with himself and the nostalgic mood which he masterly fits in the same structure – is not something you often witness"

"Placci lets the “infinite melody” of the second movement flow in such a touching way. He shapes it with that “human eloquence” that distinguishes so much his playing"

"Communication and craving to make music are the guidelines of this performance"

- Badisches Tagblatt


“Extraordinary performance of Markus Placci with I Virtuosi Italiani”

“The violinist showcases a brilliant technique […], a clear delivery, stylistic understanding, and an instictive and uninhibited communicability with the audience

- L'Arena, Verona

“Magnificent personality the one of Markus Placci […]. He was able to “tell” Bach with great simplicity, with a delightful and lively Fugue, full of audacity and “discoveries"

"Everything was conveyed by a superb energy, a total command and an extremely convincing taste”

- La Libre Belgique

"Placci always conveyed the tension of the themes, in a way that took your breath away"

"He magically created marvelous melodies in all the lyrical passages, and always touched the audience with his wide and rich palette."

"As for depth and musical fantasy, he is second to no one.”

- Badener Tageblatt

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